Hi there!

I have been working in the Cosmos ecosystem since 2019 when I joined the Interchain Foundation as a Technical Product Manager. I’ve spent most of my time working in the grants program as a Grants Manager. This gave me a fantastic opportunity to really understand the decentralized nature of the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Even before joining the foundation, I was already a big fan of Cosmos. I always thought that the Cosmos ecosystem has the smartest, and most productive people in the Blockchain space.

Because of the decentralized nature of how the Cosmos ecosystem operates, too many things happen every day, sometimes making it very hard to catch up with new additions and updates especially finding new projects coming up.

Some time ago, I had an idea for a small side project to make it easier to discover things happening in the ecosystem, especially from a developer’s perspective.

Usually, I like to explore Github searching for projects that might be related to the Cosmos Ecosystem, such as new chains or tools. But the Github website is not friendly to visualize this information.

So my idea was to create a small CLI tool that helps you discover projects, tools, libraries, and modules that are part of the Cosmos Ecosystem.

I’ve called this tool “cosmocope” (cosmos + telescope). A telescope is a device used to form magnified images of distant objects. So the main idea is to allow developers and “cosmonauts” to have a much clear picture of all the development happening in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Completing this initial release of the tool was an excellent opportunity for me to brush up on my Golang skills again. I’ve been coding mostly in Rust , helping Informal Systems develop ibc-rs and the IBC Rust relayer ( Hermes ). I love programming, and this is an opportunity to give back to the community.

Cosmos developers (cosmonauts) have this incredible feeling of belonging to a fantastic community. So soon, I’ll be writing a lot more about Cosmos development and the ecosystem and continue to help as much as I can.

Please visit the cosmocope repository in Github to find more information about it.


Andy Nogueira