About Me

Hi, I’m Andy Nogueira (andynog). Welcome to my blog. Here I write about programming, blockchains, what is currently in my mind, or anything that I think should be interesting to share with the broader community. I hope I can write something that might be useful to you.

For the past 30 years, I’ve been working in technology. I’ve done a little bit of everything, from old mainframe systems to cloud computing, a bit of quantum computing exploration, and distributed systems (mostly blockchain-related). I’m well-versed in several programming languages, and I have experience with web development, full-stack, DevOps, cloud, mobile, distributed systems.

I love technology since I was a kid and knew from the moment when I put my hands for the first time on an IBM PC XT this was what I wanted to do for life.

I’m currently working as a software developer and developer advocate at Informal Systems with a fantastic group of people. At Informal, we envision an open-source ecosystem of cooperatively owned and governed distributed organizations running on reliable to distributed systems.

The future is planned with ‘what-if’ stories but is built with ‘get it done’ anecdotes